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Motivation: Inner Greatness

Peak Performance Consultants presents Inner Greatness! ™

Inner Greatness! ™ is a highly inspirational and entertaining presentation that is packaged in a multimedia format that will energize each member of your school, business or organization!

The message is strong and positive: Each person is responsible for his/her actions and each person has within him/herself a seed of greatness ready to flourish! The presentation can also be personalized to spotlight your group or organization.

Highlights of Inner Greatness! ™

  • Two award-winning motivational films to supplement Steve's powerful message
  • Contemporary music themes to entertain and assist in the flow of the presentation
  • Research-based information, proving the power of positive self-talk
  • Power Points for building self-confidence
  • Qualities of the Self-Confident Person
  • Success Skills for Inner Greatness
  • The "little" things concerning success

And much, much more!

For more information, call Steve at (800) 293-1676 or e-mail