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Blog #176- January 2020


Happy New Year.  It's late January 2020, which means a couple things.  We have a National Champion in college football and we have our two teams that earned a Super Bowl appearance.  

For Bayou Bengal fans, LSU's victory over Clemson capped a 15-0 season and first national championship since 2007.  For football fans in Nebraska, there were mixed feelings of pride and what-could- have-been.

Joe Burrow, the 2019 Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from LSU, has deep Nebraska ties.
His father, Jimmy Burrow, played at Nebraska in the 1970s.  Joe Burrow also had two brothers who played at Nebraska, Jamie and Dan.  Jimmy Burrow was the long-time defensive coordinator at Ohio University under former Husker head coach Frank Solich.  Jimmy retired after the 2018 season so that he could attend all of Joe's games in 2019.  Great decision.

As Joe Burrow's career exploded this season, Husker fans were asking why the Huskers never recruited Joe to Lincoln when they had the chance.  Joe signed with Ohio State and played sparingly during his three years on campus.  Ohio State was loaded at the quarterback position.  Joe then put himself in the transfer portal.

Bo Pelini, the Husker head coach at the time Joe Burrow was still competing in high school in Ohio, declined to recruit him at the time.  Scott Frost also passed on Burrow when he saw his name on the transfer portal list.  Frost had already committed to a high school senior, Adrian Martinez.  Martinez had a phenomenal freshman season in 2018, but slumped during his sophomore season in 2019. 

Tom Shatel, the award-winning sports writer at the Omaha World-Herald, made a good case on why going to LSU was a much better opportunity for Burrow than if he came to Nebraska.  LSU possessed much better offensive linemen and receivers.  If Burrow had come to Nebraska, it's highly likely he would not have gotten the pass protection or had the abundant number of quality receivers to throw to as he had at LSU.  In other words, his career probably would not have blossomed like it did at LSU.  

I'm personally thrilled at his success.  Jimmy Burrow has often been quoted in the press at his anger at Nebraska not recruiting his son out of high school.  But listen, Jimmy, it turned out quite nicely for Joe and the family.  Hey, you will never have to buy a drink anywhere in Louisiana for the rest of your life.  Your son won't either.  And that's great.  I look forward to watching Joe perform for another ex-Husker, Zac Taylor, the head coach of the Cincinatti Bengals.


The Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years.  Coach Andy Reid will be returning to the big stage since 2004 when he took his Philadelphia Eagles to play the New England Patriots.  This year, he has the quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, the receivers, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, and Tyreek Hill.  The main difference, however, is the improved defense.

The game is a pick-em right now with the bookies.  If no important player gets injured between now and the game on February 2nd, the game will be won on a last-second field goal.  The Chiefs look more like the team of destiny than the 49ers.  I like the Chiefs, but it will be a 60-minute game for sure.  It should be great television for sure.


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