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Blog #178- March 2020

It's mid-March here in Omaha.  The city is basically under self-quarantine because
of the presence of the coronavirus.  The city is reporting about three dozen known cases
of the pandemic.  I'm sure there are many more that will be discovered daily.

It's hard to believe it's only been a little more than a week ago that I was watching 
Creighton and St. John's playing a quarterfinal game in the Big East post season basketball tournament in Madison Square Garden.  St. John's was leading 38-35 at halftime.  The halftime show on Fox was next up on the screen after the advertisement.

I will always remember the caption on the screen: "Big East tournament cancelled."  I was beyond shocked.  Then the announcer and analysts began talking about the decision made by Big East commissioner Val Ackerman.  After listening to the discussion, it became apparent that the Big East would cancel the remainder of the men's tournament after other Power Five conferences had done the same.

Then the dominoes began to fall.  NCAA tournament cancelled.  Final Four in men's
and women's basketball cancelled.  Then all winter and spring sport seasons were cancelled.  College administrators were telling students not to return to campus after scheduled spring breaks.  Then college campuses around the country announced that all classes would be online only, with no in-person classes taking place.

The economic impact of the coronavirus has been brutal.  Omaha was scheduled to host the first and second rounds of the men's NCAA basketball tournament.  That event
would bring in a few million dollars to the city.  

The major hit was the cancellation of the College World Series that has taken place 
in Omaha since 1950.  That cherished tournament would bring in tens of millions of 
dollars of tax revenue.

Warren Buffet hosts the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha.  The 2019
meeting drew over 40,000 stockholders, mostly from out of the city and out of the 
country.  This event brought in tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

Omaha will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Swim Trials for the fourth consecutive
time in June.  Swimmers and coaches have refused to go to another swimming venue to conduct the Trials because they believe Omaha gives them the most realistic atmosphere to prepare them for the actual Olympic experience.  USA Swimming has said the Trials
will go on.  That could change if the International Olympic Committee decides to cancel
or postpone the Tokyo Olympics this summer.  Omaha officials have stated that this event
is a $75 million boost to the city.

The health of Omaha citizens is paramount during this crisis.  It's a blessing that the
University of Nebraska Medical Center located in Omaha is a world-class facility for all
major worldwide health risks.  Ebola patients have been treated at the facility in the past. 
Coronavirus patients locally and from around the country are currently being treated here. 

I hope my April blog reports progress in fighting this deathly virus.  Until then, keep
washing your hands, avoid sick people, and follow the CDC guidelines.  That's the best
thing we can do at the moment.


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