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Inside Recruiting Volume 3

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 Welcome to Our Workshop1
 How to Get the Most From the Golf Psychology Workshop2
 Personal List of AHA's3
 Mental Performance Inventory4
 The Mind of Winners - Notes Page10
 Brain Preference Indicator Test12
 Tips for Brain Lateralization19
 Left Brain / Right Brain Functions20
 The Language of Winners - Notes Page23
 101 Things Winners Say to Themselves24
 Grinders and Gabbers25
 Guidelines for Self-Talk26
 Golf's Top 10 Mental Errors33
 Activity Instrument: Madhouse36
 Focusing on Success: Concentration - Notes Page37
 Centering Cues38
 Concentration and Interest39
 Final Aids to Learning Concentration40
 Discovering Weaknesses in Your Mental Game41
 Pressure Quotient Survey44
 Performing Under Pressure - Notes Page47
 Changes Caused by Increased Stress48
 Coping Strategies for Pressure Situations49
 A Plan to Cope with Everyday Stress50
 Handling Pressure on the Golf Course51
 Desire and Attitude54
 Motivation an Self-Confidence55
 Ten Qualities of the Self-Confident Person56
 Stepping Toward Success: Goal Setting - Notes Page57
 Goal Setting Process for Golf60
 Discovering the Weakness in Your Golf Game62
 Appendix Section63
 - Suggestions for Course Management & Psychology64
 - Characteristics of Mentally Tough Competitors65
 - Desire, Motivation and Strength Character66
 - Thoughts for Better Play67
 - Poem: All in the State of Mind68
 Golf Psychology Workshop Evaluation Form69