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Secrets of the Five-Star Recruiter

HOW TO MAKE YOUR TARGET RECRUITS SAY YES! TO YOU (and commit to you for real)

The only book on the psychological aspects of recruiting.

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY ABOUT Secrets of the Five-Star Recruiter:
"Dr. Steve Brennan's work on Secrets of the Five-Star Recruiter is a research-based examination into how prospects prioritize decision-making and ways in which those who recruit student-athletes should think about the messaging they convey about their program. Steve references multiple studies that encourage the coach to reflect and examine the approaches and processes they take in recruiting. A resource like this is very helpful and I recommend it highly for those who want to maximize their recruiting impact."
-Dr. Brett Reed, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Lehigh University
Winningest coach in Lehigh men's basketball history

"We all need this book at our fingertips! The recruiting landscape has evolved, changed and created many challenges. The information in this book is critically important, relevant and time-sensitive. Recruiting "well" is the cornerstone to all program success, and Secrets of the Five-Star Recruiter book will be an invaluable resource to help all of us do just that…recruit WELL!!!"
-Rhonda Revelle, Head Softball Coach, University of Nebraska
2010 National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame Inductee

"This book is a remarkable guide of what recruiting student-athletes is all about. The recruiting landscape has changed over the years and Secrets of the Five-Star Recruiter is highly beneficial for coaches and parents."
-Scott Strohmeier, Head Football Coach, Iowa Western Community College
2021 NJCAA Hall Of Fame Inductee

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1Who are your Recruits?1
2How to Persuade, Influence, and Attract11
3What the Research Says37
4Basics I: Know Yourself65
5Basics II: Core Values71
6Basics III: Your Recruiting Team75
7Basics IV: Finding the "Champion"77
8Basics V: Communication81
9Social Media83
10The New Reality: Name-Image-Likeness87
11What Motivates Them?95
12Making Contact I: The "Contract" Setting the Ground Rules99
13Making Contact II: Home Visit103
14Making Contact III: Campus Visit107
15Making Contact IV: Virtual Campus Tour113
16Making Contact V: Recruiting the Parent117
17Male Coaches Recruiting Female Athletes125
18Female Coaches Recruiting Male Athletes129
19The "Portal"135
20Recruiting to the Expensive Non-Scholarship School139
21Recruiting Junior/Community College145
22Recruiting Internationally151
23Recruiting Walk-On Athletes159
24Sensitive Recruiting Topics163
25Red Flags167
26Handling Concerns and Overcoming Obstacles171
27Commitments and Closing Strategies175
28The Maintenance Phase187
29The Competition Won191
30The Most Important Recruiting Concept195
31The Absolute Essentials197
32The Final Word201
 About the Author221